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What I have learnt

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What I have learnt

In the subject of practical methodology in pre-primary education, the ways in which children learn and the way in which children can learn, a language that is not the mother's.

The teachers who have taught me this subject have given me a lot of knowledge and I have learned in a practical way to teach in a fun way.

Jolly Phonics

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Jolly Phonics

We attended a talk which explained to us what the jolly phonics method consisted of.
Jolly Phonics is a complete method of reading and writing. It uses the system "synthetic phonics" to teach sounds in a multisensory, fun and attractive way for children to learn to read and write using the sound of letters


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Storytelling involves making or telling children's stories to get them attention. These stories must have many drawings and very little text for when we tell the story to the children, seeing the drawings know what the story is about.

In class we had to make a story invented by us, with a program called storyjumper; the work or we had to perform in a group, we chose a Halloween story and we titled it "Monster Stich":

Methods and aproaches

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There are different methods and approaches to learn the translation of other languages that we can use in the classroom and we can apply them for a period of time, to make it easier, these methods and approaches are the following:


It is the teaching of a second language analyzing in detail the grammatical rules for then be able to apply them to the knowledge acquired in the translation of sentences and texts that are made from the own language and vice versa.


The direct method is based on learning a foreign language or second language, it must be similar to the learning process of the first language or mother tongue.

The main characteristics of this method are imitation, association and induction.


The fundamental means is oral: the language is the speech ... only the sentences and basic words are taught with repetition, the complex vocabulary is based on images, objects and / or photographs.


Children are placed in a circle, on chairs or on the floor. The teacher should send a child to tell us what it is ... for example a cat and then we do the same thing asking the student next to us, name an object in the picture and sit down. As they are named, they should sit down and make the Mexican wave effect


The Silent Way is a method of teaching languages that makes extensive use of silence as a teaching method

Learning and acquisition

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The languages learned and how it is acquired in a foreign language
First of all we have teaching strategies that consist of:
The procedures or resources used for teachers to achieve significant learning in students.

The critical period. It is that period of time in which a child can develop a skill depending on the stimuli he receives from outside.

Motivation: it is based on those things that impel an individual to carry out certain actions and to maintain his behavior firm until achieving all the objectives set.

Class room language: children pick up a lot of language through the normal day today routine of what we do in class; greetings, instructions... you can respond in englesh even if the children use their first language, encourge them to use english themselves.